Ethiopia + 4 more

UNICEF Horn of Africa Drought Situation as of August 2018


16.3 million people in need of humanitarian services

8.2 million children in need of humanitarian services

667,948 children under-five in need of SAM treatment

14.8 million people are in need of water

At least 6.2 million children are at risk of dropping out of school


The current number of IDPs in Somalia has increased to 2.6 million from 2.1 million in May

3,590 cumulative Cholera/AWD cases resulting in 26 deaths (CFR 0.4) have been reported in 2018

The current number of IDPs in Ethiopia has increased to 2.8 million from 1.6 million at the beginning of the year, while there are nearly 920,000 refugees in Ethiopia.

Seasonal flooding from July to September is expected to affect 2.5 million people.


Floods have afected 800,000 people and displaced more than 244,400 people.

In March 2018, approximately 2.55 million people were food insecure, down from 3.4 million as from August 2017.

A total of 5,470 Cholera/AWD cases resulting in 78 deaths (CFR 1.4%) have been reported in 2018.