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UNHCR Regional Update #34 Ethiopia Emergency Situation, 31 July 2022


Key Developments


The month of July saw fuel shortages in Addis Ababa and regional states. With indications that the government plans to discontinue fuel subsidies, related costs are also expected to rise, aggravating the significantly escalating cost of living in the country, including an increase in the price of consumables, essential commodities, and transportation. These price increases will impact UNHCR’s activities in the country, including supply of goods and services.

Since the resumption of humanitarian convoys into Tigray in April, a total of 4,765 trucks carrying relief supplies have so far entered the region, including more than 60 trucks from UNHCR. Two WFP fuel tankers reached Mekelle at the end of the third week of July. The shortage of fuel to sustain relief operations in Tigray remains a critical bottleneck, hindering onward distribution of relief supplies from Mekelle to other areas.

The Mekelle Airport reopened and resumed operations on 2 July after a ten-day closure which had negatively impacted the flow of humanitarian supplies, including cash, into Tigray.

Ethiopia Response

The humanitarian situation across northern Ethiopia continues to seriously impact refugees, the internally displaced and host communities. Civilians have endured months of conflict with extremely limited basic services and assistance available, leading to a significant escalation in humanitarian needs with ongoing new displacements. The security situation remains volatile, affecting civilians and constraining humanitarian actors on the ground, despite the announcement of a humanitarian truce.

On 4 July, the French ambassador to Ethiopia led a delegation to Agatina IDP site, Afar region. While the delegation took note that the reception conditions in Agatina site were generally at or above emergency standards, UNHCR and partners raised critical outstanding issues namely the urgent need for food distribution and improved healthcare services.

During the reporting period, the U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa visited Ethiopia for the second visit time taking on the role in June 2022. The Ambassador’s visit focused on progress in delivery of humanitarian assistance, accountability for human rights violations and efforts to advance peace talks between the Government of Ethiopia and Tigrayan authorities.