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UNHCR Ethiopia COVID-19 and Operational Update 24 February 2021

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  • COVID-19 context: As of 23 February 2021, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health (MoH) reported 154,257 coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and 2,305 deaths in the country. Ethiopia is currently registering one of the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases in Africa, and there is a recent rise in the number of cases as well as deaths.

  • Community outreach: Over 2,500 trained health and community outreach workers are actively engaged in awareness raising, case investigations and management, as well as mitigation, prevention and control of the coronavirus.

  • Tigray Emergency: Thousands of Eritrean refugees, who were stranded in the town of Shire and surrounding areas [after fleeing Hitsats and Shimelba camps] continue to be relocated to Mai Aini and Adi-Harush camps. To date, 5,474 refugees have been relocated to the two camps, but lack of adequate shelter and communal facilities remains a major concern.

  • Re-congestion of Pagak Reception Centre: An estimated 16,000 individuals are currently sheltered at the Pagak Reception Centre in Gambella and UNHCR and ARRA have agreed to screen the occupants to better understand their profiles and register genuine refugees.

  • Over 500 refugee teachers graduated: A total of 550 refugee teachers graduated with diplomas and certificates from the Gambella Health and Teachers College after successfully completing in-service training programmes. The programme trained the candidates, 24 of them females, in teaching mathematics, basic science, English, and Nuer languages..