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Tigray Crisis: Population Movement Complex Emergency - Coordinated Emergency Appeal (Revised Appeal n°1 MDRTIGRAY)


This Emergency Appeal reflects the Federation-wide funding requirement of 27 million Swiss Francs, which comprises all Federation-wide support and funding to be channelled to the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS), Djibouti Red Crescent Society, and Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) to deliver humanitarian assistance to and support early recovery of some 660,000 people (displaced and host communities) in Ethiopia (355,000 people), Sudan (300,000 people), and in Djibouti (5,000 people) affected by multiple disasters and compounding humanitarian vulnerabilities intensified by the Tigray crisis for a period of 18 months. The operation will focus on the following areas: Shelter and Essential Household Items (EHI), Livelihood & Basic Needs, Health & Psychosocial Support (PSS), Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Protection, Gender & Inclusion (PGI), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), and Migration & Displacement. Funding requirements channeled through the IFRC Secretariat represent 9.4 million Swiss Francs: CHF 3 million to Ethiopia, CHF 4.4 million to Sudan, CHF 0.5 million to Djibouti, and CHF 1.5 million for the Regional Coordination component.

With social tensions increasing in different regions of Ethiopia, the overwhelming and deteriorating conditions for displaced populations in Sudan and in Djibouti, the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (ICRC, IFRC1 and member National Societies) continues to actively coordinate and complement their response to this complex emergency in line with the Strengthened Movement Coordination and Collaboration (SMCC) commitments and spirit of collaboration. The Movement will continue to monitor the trends and be flexible and agile to respond according to the humanitarian context developments, as per the following principles:

  • All programming and partner National Societies bilateral support to ERCS within the Tigray Region will remain the remit of the ICRC and is not considered under this Emergency Appeal, unless requested by the ICRC;

  • All programming and partner National Societies bilateral support in response to this crisis, outside of the Tigray region will be coordinated by the IFRC and supported by its Members, under the framework of this FederationWide Emergency Appeal.
    Any adjustments to this geographic coverage relative to the evolution of the crisis will be discussed and agreed upon between the relevant Movement partners.

For this response, the IFRC Secretariat established a Federation-wide multi country coordination cell to support National Societies from the affected countries to develop domestic response plans and funding requirements with the expertise of the Federation-wide membership support. The IFRC Secretariat will complement with Coordination, National Society Development (NSD) in emergencies, technical and support services management, including information management to all members, and coordinating with ongoing National Society preparedness for response capacity, and creating conditions for coordinated risk management. This multi-country coordination cell will ensure seamless coordination, co-operation, timely communication and maximize resources between countries. As of the launch of this Emergency Appeal, in addition to the initial DREFs, support to the responses have been through bilateral channels from partner National Societies in country. Federation-wide footprint will be ensured by reporting on all the support provided through this Emergency Appeal and by all National Societies.