State developing over 680,000 ha. land through irrigation

Bahir Dar, January 12, 2012 (Bahir Dar) - Over 680,000 hectares land is being developed through irrigation in Amhara State during the current dry season, the regional agriculture bureau said.

Irrigation development work process owner with the bureau, Tesfaye Mengistu said so far 294,000 hectares of the stated area of land has been covered with various crops, vegetable and fruits.

Tesfaye said the area of land being developed through irrigation exceeded by over 197,400 hectares that of same time in the previous year.

He said more than 2.4 million farmers are taking part in the irrigation development activity.

Over 85 million quintals output is expected to be harvested from the area of land being developed through irrigation.

More than 1.6 million farmers, who took part in similar activity last year in the state had harvested 59 million quintals output, he said.