Special report: FAO/WFP crop and food security assessment mission to Ethiopia - 26 Feb 2010

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Mission Highlights

- Poor 2009 secondary season "belg" rains followed by late meher rains affected 2009 crop production, particularly long maturing crops, in several parts of the country.

- National cereal and pulse production in 2009/10 is forecast at 16.8 million tonnes, comprising 15.69 million tonnes from the meher peasant holdings, 350 000 tonnes from commercial and cooperative farms and a forecast average belg harvest of about 780 000 tonnes in 2010.

- At this level, national cereal and pulse production in 2009/10 is some 4.7 percent below the all time record harvest in 2008/09 but still about 7 percent above the previous five years average.

- Cereal prices remain stable or declining, but are still well above the levels before the 2007/08 food price crisis.

- Cereal import requirement in 2010 is estimated at about 1.16 million tonnes of which 520 000 tonnes are anticipated to be imported commercially. Cereal food aid commitments under the relief and safety net pipeline stand at about 650 000 tonnes, covering the estimated gap of about 640 000 tonnes.

- About 5.23 million people are currently estimated to be in need of relief food assistance. As of February, the national relief pipeline has a shortfall of 290 000 tonnes.