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Somalia Flood Watch - Issued: 26 April 2005

For the week ending April 24th, there has been heavy rainfall in the Ethiopian catchments of Shabelle River, leading to reports of devastating floods in Imey and Gode districts resulting in loss of lives and destruction of property. Within Somalia there was heavy rainfall in the Upper Shabelle basin with cumulative rainfall of 43.9mm reported from Bulo Burti on the 19th to 25th April. Increasing river levels are expected to continue over the forecast period.

Other reports indicate that heavy storms in Somaliland (Golis Mountains) and elsewhere led to flash floods causing widespread destruction of infrastructure along the tugga. More than 170 families were reportedly displaced due to flooding in Hargesa town and its surroundings. Flash flood were also reported in Sanaag region.

More rains are forecast throughout the upper catchments of the two rivers as well as in Northern Somalia over the coming week, giving cause for concern of moderate to severe flooding along the two rivers, and also for continued flash floods in the North.


River stage levels increased over the last week with a 1.7m total rise observed at Belet Weyne from the 19th to the 25th. The forecast for the coming week tends to further rise due to the heavy rainfall reported in the Ethiopian highlands and in Somalia. There is medium flood risk over the flow forecast period, with bank full flows predicted at the downstream stations, plus some in country storms.


River stage levels have also risen gradually over the last week, with the rise expected to continue over the forecast period following heavy rains in both Somalia and Ethiopia towards the end of last week. Downstream antecedent conditions are dry, but there remains a medium flood risk near the Ethiopian border.

This bulletin is produced by FAO Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) Project and USGS/FEWS NET Somalia. SWALIM and USGS/FEWS NET acknowledge Care Somalia, CINS & SCUK for their continued assistance.