Situation report: Drought/Food Crisis in Ethiopia - 04 Nov 2008



- Government and humanitarian partners prepare to conduct the multi-sectoral Emergency Needs Assessment

- 2,883 new admissions to Therapeutic Feeding Programme sites

- Slight decrease in the number of cases of Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD).

Humanitarian Overview

Current Context

Given the food security situation, particularly in the east of the country, it is expected that vulnerable people will continue to be in need of assistance well into 2009. Government and humanitarian partners are gearing up to begin the Emergency Needs Assessment that will identify needs and project required resources for food and non-food needs. Multi-stakeholder teams are being put together and it is expected that the first regional assessment will take place in Tigray Region on the 7th November whilst other assessment missions will commence on the 17th November in all other regions of the country with the exception of Somali Region which is likely to commence during the first week of December. The findings of the upcoming assessment will clarify the exact scale and extent of the projected needs in the coming months and will guide resource mobilization strategies as well as the targeting of aid to households in need of emergency assistance.


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