Sexual Violence in Ethiopia, January 2022


Since the start of the conflict in Ethiopia November 2020, sexual violence has been a continuous feature of the conflict by occupying armed forces. Conflict-related sexual violence has been rampant and has affected hundreds of women and girls who have been repeatedly and systematically targeted by soldiers from both sides of the conflict as they occupy and move through territory.
In some incidents women and girls were raped in front of their male family members, some of whom were held at gunpoint and forced to watch the attacks. In Tigray, there were also reports of male family members being forced to rape their female members and shot if they refused.

Reports of conflict-sexual violence have continued to come light, particularly as conflict parties regain control of their territory, and it is unclear how these patterns will change in the context of the current ceasefire, particularly in light of recent reports of attacks on civilians in Afar region by TPLF forces. Various reported perpetrator statements suggests that sexual violence was used as a deliberate tactic in an ethnic conflict and as a form of revenge.