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Results for children - An update from Save the Children Q1-2 , 2012


One Little Life at a Time: Emergency Response in the Horn of Africa

In 2011, people in the Horn of Africa asked only one question: When will the rains return?

After two years of drought, 13 million people (half of them children) are still hungry and at risk of malnutrition—or worse. Families now depend on humanitarian aid to survive, many sheltered in the camps on the borders of Ethiopia and Kenya.

Save the Children is thankful that thousands of concerned individuals came to the rescue in this child hunger crisis. Most recently, DC Entertainment launched the We Can Be Heroes campaign, using its powerful lineup of comic book superheroes from the Justice League of America to rally their fans’ support for malnourished children. The timely and generous support from P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, Walmart, A Glimmer of Hope, Church Communities Foundation, the International Service Society and many others, enabled Save the Children to reach nearly 691,000 people, including 319,000 children in Ethiopia alone. Many of them desperately needed treatment for severe malnutrition.