Renovations underway on Ethiopian rehabilitation center

Washington, DC - VVAF is currently renovating the recently-built Bahir Dar Rehabilitation Center in Ethiopia, constructing an extensive addition to the single building which, when complete, will comprise of a new gait training area, dormitory, kitchen, guard house, and an external fence.
"These additions to the center will help us prepare for the future," said SFL program manager Anita Keller. "Right now the center is absolutely flooded with patients."

The Bahir Dar clinic currently offers prosthetic limbs, orthotic braces, tricycles and wheelchairs free of charge, as well as physical therapy sessions to help victims become mobile and independent. Patients arriving at the Bahir Dar center for treatment typically must make an appointment for at least one week later. Eventually the urgent need for services in and around Bahir Dar will be met. Nearby patients will return for maintenance and check-ups but not nearly as frequently.

"Then we start serving people from further out in the provinces," said Keller. "The new dormitory will allow patients and their families from outside Bahir Dar to travel to the center, assured of a safe and comfortable place to stay."

VVAF's long term vision for the center also includes a wheelchair track, basketball court, swimming pool, and lockers for visiting athletes. "Eventually, we hope it can become more than just a rehab center," said Keller. "It can be a place for the entire community to come and participate in indoor sports."