Ethiopia + 20 more

Quarterly Mixed Migration Update East Africa & Yemen, Quarter 4, 2021


Key Updates

  • Further displacement in Northern Ethiopia as hostilities escalate: New displacement have been reported from Western Tigray with an estimated 30,000 displaced into North Western districts. The number of Internally displaced people (IDPs) have increased since September in Afar and Amhara regions in the wake of intensified conflict. 1.2 million people have been displaced in Western Tigray since the conflict began in November 2020.

  • Dutch-Eritrean arrested for human smuggling: A 53-year-old man, John Habeta was arrested in Kenya in December by authorities. The suspect is reported to have been involved in smuggling Eritreans into Europe in four separate operations.

  • Kenya passes progressive Refugee Act: President Uhuru Kenyatta passes the Refugee Act 2021 providing refugees the opportunity to participate in social and economic activities. The Act also expanded the designated areas of settlement as well as provided integration and inclusion measures at the county and national level.

  • 176 asylum seekers evacuated from Libya: A group of 176 asylum seekers were evacuated to Rwanda from Libya. Among those evacuated are men, women and children from Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan and Eritrea. Many of the evacuees are believed to be victims of trafficking and faced different forms of abuse and violence and detention.

  • South Africa and Kenya agree to deport undocumented migrants to Kenya: A deal to return irregular migrants who entered South Africa to Kenya was brokered by the presidents of both states in December. Kenya will be required to take back migrants who entered South Africa from Kenya based on ‘clear proof’ of a breach.

  • A total of 11,612 East African refugees and migrants arrived in Yemen this quarter, a 91% increase from last quarter’s 6,091. Over the year however, the overall number of arrivals into Yemen remained low with just 27,693 arrivals recorded in 2021, a 35% reduction on the 37,535 recorded in 2020, and an 80% reduction on the 138,213 recorded in 2019.