Pugnido Camp Profile May 2015

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 06 May 2015

Contextual Background

Historical background

Pugnido is the oldest refugee camp in the Gambella Region of Western Ethiopia, and is hosting both refugees that arrived twenty years ago (since 1993) and those that have arrived within recent months (after 15th December 2013). There are also refugees who arrived in 2012 following 2011 tribal conflict in Jonglei Sate of South Sudan. Since 18 Nov, 2014, some 13, 671 refugees relocated from different entry points have been received in Pugnido and 13,230 have been full registered (level II).

Areas of Origin

The camp population is primarily comprised of refugees from South Sudan’s Jonglei State (71.3%) and Upper Nile (27.6%).