Post Arrival Registration - Return of Ethiopian Migrants from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (From 5 May 2017 to 31 October 2018)

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 31 Oct 2018


IOM estimates that above 220,000 individuals were returned to Ethiopia during the reporting period, out of which 176,426* were registered since April, 2017. Since May, 2017, it is estimated that 170,602 (16% voluntary returnees and 84% forced returnees) were registered and profiled upon arrival;

67% of reported migrants were adult and male, returning to Ethiopia involuntarily; 61% of migrants (above 6 years old) had primary level education, and approximately 26% had less than the primary level;

Most migrants were performing jobs involving more physical labor in KSA. 50% of male migrants were performing unskilled manual labor, and other 31% reported being unemployed. 83% of the female migrants were working as housemaids;

61% of the migrants lived in the most populated regions of KSA, and the remaining of the migrants lived in the nearby regions;

The highest flow of people happened from Ar Riyad (26%), Jizan (29%), and Makkah (33%) in KSA, to Tigray (27%), Oromia (31%), and Amhara (32%), in Ethiopia.

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