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"Perfect Storm" now threatens 38 million in Africa: World Concern responds by expanding relief aid

SEATTLE -- Hunger and malnutrition are sweeping across the African continent due to a combination of factors that is creating one of the largest, most complicated humanitarian crises in history. In response, Seattle-based World Concern is expanding their relief programs to meet the growing needs.
World Concern Relief Director Kelly Miller explains, "Famine is not new to Africa, but the current combination of drought, political and economic instability, and increasing rates of life threatening diseases have, in essence, created a 'perfect storm.' That storm now threatens 38 million people in Africa, 15 million in Ethiopia alone."

This month, World Concern is beginning relief work in drought-stricken Ethiopia in addition to their ongoing development projects in the country. Initially, World Concern is providing aid to the areas of Alduba, Borana, Gambella and Jigjiga. World Concern's Ethiopia relief projects include feeding centers, malaria control and small-scale irrigation. Plans are also being developed for food distributions in Addis Ababa and Dessie.

Miller will be flying to Africa on January 28 to assist World Concern country managers in planning to expand their relief work further. "Right now our Africa field staff is working overtime trying to meet the growing needs. We need additional experienced relief staff to manage the workload." World Concern is already providing food aid to five countries in southern Africa in addition to their ongoing community development work in Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

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