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OCHA - Geneva Natural Disaster Highlights No. 6




Unusually heavy rains during the months of October and November have turned large parts of the Horn of Africa into flood disaster areas with loss of life, massive displacement, and loss of livelihoods and assets in particularly in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Accumulated estimates from the three countries put the total number of affected people between 1, 5 and 1, 8 million. Emergency response has being mounted by Governments in the affected countries, UN agencies, NGOs and other humanitarian partners.


The Gode zone, Ethiopia's South Eastern Somali Region, has been severely affected by flooding making it the worst hit zone along with Liben and Afder zones. Altogether, the unprecedented flooding is reported to have killed 80 people and affected approximately 362,000 people, of which 122,500 are displaced. Moreover, the floods washed away livestock and damaged the already fragile infrastructure, including bridges and roads.

A Joint Government and Humanitarian Partners Flash Flood Appeal of USD 7 million has been launched on 23 November to meet emergency non-food requirements as well as medium-term rehabilitation needs for the flood affected areas of the Region.

The widespread flooding along the Shabelle and Juba Rivers in Somalia caused large-scale displacement of the population from northern Hiran Region to southern Lower Juba. In the North East, heavy rains have affected internally displaced persons (IDP) in Galkayo. OCHA coordinated with local authorities to provide assistance, and launched a Flood Response Plan to addresses immediate life-saving interventions for up to 350,000 flood-affected persons in dire need of assistance. The Response Plan amounted to USD 28 millions out of which USD 10 millions have been funded through the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) mechanism.


The initial effect of the mild El Nino, which was a contributing factor to the flooding, was seen in early October when heavy rains caused flooding in Isiolo, Garissa, Lodwar, Moyale, Wajir, Mandera, and Kwale districts. 19 people died and 1,800 were displaced due to the flooding which also damaged the household property of 30,000 people. Between 15 and 17 October, Mombasa town on the coast and Moyale in northern Kenya received 110 mm and 124 mm of rain respectively.


In December, torrential rains flooded seven provinces in Burundi causing severer damages to the 2006 harvest. 6000 persons have been temporarily displaced. OCHA, FAO and WFP completed a three-day evaluation mission to assess the situation after reports of damage caused by torrential rains on crop harvest. 80% bean crop, which is one of the main foodstuffs for households, was destroyed in low lands. OCHA organized a follow-up mission to Gatumba, one of the most affected areas.


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