Monitoring cropland vegetation in Ethiopia using SPOT VGT vegetation index and ECMWF global meteorological modelling n° 17


10-day product: 11 – 20 October 2006

Overall rainfall and crop vegetation condition


Rainfall. The North Mid-Highlands area has ended the season with a cumulative rainfall profile below last year and below the average historical profiles. West Plateaux and Arsi-Bale regions have profiles slightly below last year, South central is below last year but similar to 7 years average profile. The West Wet Plateaux is always above last year and above the averages. On the difference map, rainfall is again below normal in the eastern Oromiya region, and in northern SNNP region. Low levels of rainfall are now observed in the northern part of the country.

Vegetation. The map of the difference in the vegetation index between the 2nd dekad of October 2006 and the same period of 2005, shows globally normal vegetation conditions in the country but a decrease of vegetation conditions compared to last year, in the Eastern Oromiya.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
Absolute difference w.r.t. previous year (Act.-Prev.) – 2nd Dekad Oct 2006
Data derived from SPOT VEGETATION Satellite

(left) 10 days Cumulated rainfall
(right) 10 days Cumulated rainfall difference with normal (1974 – 2003)
2nd Dekad Oct 2006 - Original ECMWF & ERA 40 data processed in-house.

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