Ministry working to ensure provision of safe water in Rift Valley area

from Government of Ethiopia
Published on 27 Sep 2013 View Original

Addis Ababa September 27/2013 The Ministry of Water and Energy said it has been carried out a project aimed at supplying safe drinking water for over 1.4 people who are at risk of flourisis, which affects the teeth and bones. Public relation and communication director with the Ministry, Bizuneh Tolcha told ENA that the project which is being carried out at a cost of over 1.5 million Birr in the Rift Valley area. He said the government has been working to provide clean water to people living in those areas. Residents of Hawassa, Bulbula, Batu, Shahemene and Adama towns in Oromia and South Ethiopia Peoples' States have so far benefited from provision of safe drinking water. He said over 10,000 people in Afar, Oromia and South Ethiopia Peoples' States have benefited from safe water provision in 2005EC budget year alone. Ingestion of excess fluoride, most commonly in drinking-water, can cause fluorosis which affects the teeth and bones. Moderate amounts lead to dental effects, but long-term ingestion of large amounts can lead to potentially severe skeletal problems.