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Locust upsurge in East and Horn of Africa - Operation Update Report n° MDR60005 (29 April 2021)


Summary of major revisions made to the emergency plan of action:

Five National Societies – Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Uganda – were allocated start-up funds to enable initial activities including assessments, training and engagement in locust surveillance, and reporting. However, major delays were experienced in the start-up of activities, thus reducing the time to complete within the planned timeframe. Some planned activities, such as the provision of crop seed, could be undertaken in 2020 and were delayed until the next rains in early 2021.In addition, while the locusts situation has improved, there still remains a local need to combat locusts during this season.

This Operations Update allows the five National Societies to make the following changes to the operation:

  • Extend the operation timeframe to 30 June 2021 to allow for completion of activities including modifications to cater for the emerging food insecurity crisis.

  • Completion of the livelihoods support needed due to locusts and the compounding and emerging issue of food insecurity expected due to rainfall deficit leading to low production in the January to February harvest.

  • Completion of llivelihoods protection activites for the most affected people, especially in areas affected by multiple threats of locusts, floods, COVID-19, and food insecurity.