At least 300 killed in OLA firearm and artillery attack on villages in Wollega, Ethiopia, Saturday 18 June


On Saturday 18 June, gunmen suspected to belong to the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) attacked villages in Gimbi, Wollega, reportedly targetting ethnic Amharas. Local witnesses suggest that between 260 and 320 civilians were killed.

An investigation by the Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRC) revealed that artillery was used in the attack, exacerbating the civilian harm and the damage to infrastructure. A mosque, which civilians were using as a shelter at the time, was also targeted.

In 2022, AOAV has recorded 12 incidents of explosive weapons use in Ethiopia, as reported in English-language sources, 10 of which have been attributed to state actors. Across the 12 incidents, AOAV has recorded 698 civilian casualties, 398 (57%) of which have been attributed to state actors. This incident is the first reported use of explosive weapons by non-state actors in 2022.