Japan: Emergency Aid for People Affected by the Drought in Ethiopia

Originally published
On Friday, 28 April, the Government of Japan decided to extend an emergency aid of 4,800,000 US dollars through the World Food Programme (WFP) to help people in Ethiopia who are seriously affected by the drought.

In the Horn of Africa including Ethiopia, impact of the drought has been spreading over the region due to the shortage of rainfall in the past 3 years. The United Nations says 15.3 million people are suffering from the current drought. In Ethiopia, the situation has become particularly serious because rainfall has fallen short of expectation this year, with the drought spreading across the country leaving 8 million people affected. Without prompt international assistance, a large-scale famine may follow.

It is in view of those sufferings that Japan has decided, from humanitarian consideration, to respond to an international appeal made by the WFP.