Institute addressing violence against women, people with disabilities in HLIs

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Adama, January 15, 2012 (Adama) - The Institute of the Ombudsman said it is working with stakeholders to protect the violence against women and people with disabilities in Higher Learning Institution (HLIs).

The Institute organized a day-long workshop on Saturday in Adama town for the 21 universities to deliberate on the issue.

Speaking at the workshop Institute Officer Hana Nebiy said concrete efforts should be employed to address the violence against women and person with disabilities in HLIs.

She said HLIs should protect women and people with disabilities from any violence and facilities themselves for easy access for these segments of people.

The Officer said all stakeholders should work jointly to change the stereotype environmental and attitudinal practice to respect the right of people with disabilities.

There is no clear guideline for recruiting people with disabilities to pursue their studies in HLIs , she said and adding this has created unfair procedures in admission.