Humanitarian Requirements - 2013

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The overall good performance of the 2012 meher/deyr/karma rains has resulted in an improved food security situation in most parts of the country, apart from pocket areas in belg-dependent and pastoralist/agro-pastoralist areas that experienced poor consecutive seasonal rains. The food security situation in some of these areas (south eastern and north eastern) may be further impacted by below-normal performance of the 2013 belg/gu rains. Thus, in light of the forecast recently issued by the National Meteorological Agency (NMA), the situation in these belg-producing and gu/ganna-receiving areas requires close monitoring over the coming months.

The present document identifies approximately 2.4 million beneficiaries in need of relief food assistance from January to June 2013, identified through the multi-agency assessment and subsequent monitoring results.

The total gross emergency food and non-food requirement for the period January to June 2013 amounts to USD 258.9 million. Considering available resources amounting to USD 83.2 Million ,the net total requirement stands at USD 175.7 million. The net food and TSF requirement totals to 165,751.69 MT, estimated to cost around USD 132.4 million. In addition, a total of net USD 43 million is required to respond to the non-food needs of identified beneficiaries in the health and nutrition, water and sanitation and agriculture and education sectors.