Humanitarian Gender Alert – Unmet Needs of Displaced Women and Girls in Ethiopia (August 2022 – Issue 2)



The purpose of this gender alert is to highlight the gender-specific impacts of the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. Alerts are recognised as a good practice globally in terms of gender analysis, informing the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO)/Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) processes. The August 2022 Alert focuses on the unmet needs of internally displaced women and girls due to the humanitarian situation in several regions in the country. It demonstrates how women and girls in Ethiopia are particularly affected by the man made and natural hazards including conflicts, drought, and other causes for displacement. It also highlights that there is a greater need for data and evidence generation on gender issues for gender inclusive response. The Alert also includes a gender-risk assessment that assesses possible developments related to the humanitarian and security risks faced by women and girls in Ethiopia and concludes with a set of recommendations.

The current emergency response in Ethiopia is being scaled up across sectors and urgent humanitarian assistance has been provided. However, women and girls are facing many challenged due to the breakdown of key services, which are critical to the health, protection, and recovery of the population especially women and girls; weakened informal and formal protection and accountability mechanisms; disrupted livelihoods, increased displacement, power imbalances, and limited access to resources.

Hence, a more gender-sensitive approach is necessary to ensure that the needs of women and girls in conflict and natural hazards -affected communities are met. To this effect, UN Women Ethiopia is actively working with existing national, regional and community-based coordination mechanisms, including the various InterCluster Coordination Working Groups, the Ethiopia Inter-Agency PSEA Network, Women-Led and Women’s Rights Organizations, CSOs and NGOs to respond to the drought and conflict driven emergency situation. This second publication of humanitarian gender alert for Ethiopia focuses on conflict driven displacements of women and girls especially because the first issue extensively focused on the impact of drought on women and girls.