Humanitarian Bulletin - Weekly Humanitarian Highlights in Ethiopia, 27 December 2011

Situation Report
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Price Update
The Government has announced a new adjustment to fuel prices for December, raising the price of fuel by 4.72 per cent for benzene (petrol) and 5.42 per cent for diesel (no change for kerosene). This is the fourth such price adjustment in 2011 (previous adjustments occurred in January, April and September). The decreasing price of staple foods, resulting from new harvest entering the market and the ongoing distribution of subsidized wheat by the Government, is expected to support the improving food security conditions reported in most drought-affected areas. However, the relatively high food prices and increased fuel prices may adversely affect the food security of the most vulnerable households, particularly in remote areas, as commodity prices are influenced by transport cost. For more information, contact:

Food Assistance Update
As of 20 December, dispatch of the seventh round relief food assistance to some 3.9 million people stood at 91 per cent, including 99 per cent to areas covered by the Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector (DRMFSS), 95 per cent to areas covered by the NGO consortium Joint Emergency Operation (JEOP) and 81 per cent to areas covered by WFP (Somali Region). As of 27 December, the eighth round relief food dispatch, targeting some 3 million beneficiaries, stood at 47 per cent. For more information, contact:

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