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Horn of Africa: Persistent Drought Increasing Food Insecurity (June 27, 2022)


Millions Face Threat of Famine

Acute food insecurity continues to rise in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia due to an exceptionally persistent and severe drought, increasing the risk of starvation in the region and the potential for famine in Somalia. Four consecutive below-average rainy seasons since late 2020 have made the current drought the most extensive since 1981. The October–December 2022 forecasts anticipate another below-average rainy season. The drought has impacted farmer and pastoralist livelihoods and led to lower food production and millions of livestock deaths. More than 18 million people are food insecure (Integrated Food Security Phase Classification System [IPC] Phase 3, 4, or 5) due to drought and more than 7 million children face acute malnutrition.


US Department of State - Humanitarian Information Unit