HAP Deployment to Ethiopia 2013

from Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
Published on 12 Jul 2013 View Original

The first HAP deployment of 2013 saw the Roving Team travel to Ethiopia to support HAP members and non-members, UN Agencies and other national organisations. Following a scoping mission at the end of 2012 (take a look at the Scoping Mission Report) the team identified a number of areas in which accountability to affected populations can strengthened.

Based on the findings of the scoping mission and priorities identified by the stakeholders, a terms of reference and work plan was agreed upon for the 8 week deployment.

The deployment was hosted by DanChurchAid, in Addis Ababa and Borena and UNHCR in Dollo Ado. During the deployment, the HAP’s Roving Team worked with a cross section of stakeholders, including affected communities, to enhance awareness, understanding and practice of accountability and quality management.

In 39 working days the Roving Team:

  • Conducted 7 bespoke workshops in which 120 people participated,

  • Faciliated collective learning and the sharing of good practices from 10 organisations

  • Conducted 2 Workshops for partners and interested organisations in Borena and Dollo Ado to understand specific challenges and contextual issues and these were followed by community consultations in both locations.

  • Consulted over 100 community members directly and indirectly.

  • Held an introductory workshop on the IASC Commitments on Accountability to Affected Populations (CAAP) with OCHA for UN agencies, cluster leads and donors. held bilateral meetings with donors and national organisations to raise awareness

  • Conducted Rapid Accountability Assessments (RAA) for 8 organisations in which 115 staff members participated.

  • Presented 115 recommendations and debriefed 54 staff member on the RAA

  • Overview of the activities of the deployment, salient findings, recommendations and feedback from staff members and communities is presented in the HAP Deployment to Ethiopia Report.

An after-action review was also held in which the Inter-Agency Accountability Working - Ethiopia (IAAWG-E) reviewed the activities, impact and outcomes of the deployment, which is presented in The After Action Review of the HAP Deployment to Ethiopia Report.