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Food Security Outlook Update - August 25, 2011


Dolo Odo and surrounding areas (Liben zone)

The influx of refugees from Somalia, estimated at 120,000 as of August 2011, has doubled the population in Dolo Ado. The influx has significantly declined in August due to improved assistance in Somalia and the Ramadan season.

• The government will be relocating an additional 17,500 refugees identified in August in Morodile, God Dhere, El‐Harr and Bare (Gode and Afder zones) to Dolo Ado in the near future.

• The situation in the first two camps, Bokolomayo and Melkadida, which were established in 2009 and 2010, is better in terms the overall refugee conditions and assistance provision. However, in the recently established Kobe (June 2011) and Hilaweyn (opened August 5) camps, a measles outbreak is further aggravating acute malnutrition and under‐ five mortality rates. According to the USAID’s monitoring information, 90 percent of the in patients in the Dolo hospital are refugees.