Food aid donated by Japanese Govt. distributed in vulnerable regions

Food aid donated by Japan in response to the emergency needs of Ethiopia was distributed in the most vulnerable regions of Afar, Amhara, SNNP and Oromia.

According to a report submitted by the Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission, the food aid, which amounted to 38,566 MT, was distributed to 3,064,960 beneficiaries. Out of the total number of beneficiaries, 1,729,439, or 56%, were reported to have participated in the Employment Generation Scheme for which 21,691.40 MT of grain was provided. 1,335, 521 beneficiaries obtained 16,874.64 MT as gratuitous relief.

The food aid, added to food given by other donors, has enabled the government to meet part of the food needs of the beneficiaries in the said regions for 1-5 months.

Furthermore, development-oriented work, which was executed through the Employment Generation Scheme, has helped the community in the creation and upgrading of local assets.

Meanwhile, Japan has granted 1.6 million dollars for the improvement of the education sector.

The Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kenjiro Izumi, expressed his desire that the grant would make a significant contribution to Ethiopia's efforts to enhance the education system and would serve to reinforce and promote the good relations that already exist between Ethiopia and Japan.


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