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Flow Monitoring Dashboard - Ethiopia (March 2021)

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In March 2021, a total of 19,450 movements were observed across Ethiopia’s five flow monitoring points (FMPs). This represents a 2% increase in daily average movement in comparison with February 2021 when an average of 615 movements per day were observed. It should be noted that data collection at Humera Flow Monitoring Point in Tigray region is not taking place due to security and access constraints, thus affecting the total number of movements for the month.
Following the steady increase in movements, outgoing movements during March have continued to be significantly higher (77.3%) than incoming movements (22.7%). The percentage of outgoing versus incoming movements have climbed above the proportions observed before the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in Ethiopia. A total of 15,031 outgoing movements were observed of which 6,722 (44.7%) were going towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2,359 (15.7%) travelling towards Djibouti, 2,229 (14.8%) were going to Kenya, 846 (5.6%) to Somalia, 708 (4.7%) to South Africa and 611 (4.1%) intended to head to Yemen.
On the other hand, 4,419 incoming movements were observed, of which 2,978 (67.4%) had originated from Sudan, while 722 (16.3%) and 483 (10.9%) came from Djibouti and Kenya respectively. Almost all of these were Ethiopian nationals who were likely returning home. The number of incoming movements into Ethiopia from Sudan has increased since the outbreak of the Northern Ethiopia Crisis from 1,879 inflow movements in November 2020 to 2,022 inflows movements in December, to 2,643 inflow movements in January, to 2,662 inflows in Februay and 2,978 inflows movements in March 2021

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