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Fifty Deaths as KRCS Responds to Turkana Conflict

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Nine days after a conflict erupted between the Merille community of Ethiopia and the Turkana community of Kenya, a detailed assessment carried out at Loarengak and Todonyang by a Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) team on 9th May 2011 to assess the situation of those affected and displaced revealed that more than 50 people had lost their lives as a result of the conflict.

According to locals, apart from the 50, some 20 people remain unaccounted for. The dispalced families were scattered in Lokitang and Lapur divisions with the majority of those who moved from Todonyang moving to Loarengak, Kokuro, Meyan and Karepur locations. Ascertainment of exact numbers is a challenge since burial ceremonies did not take place for a majority of the bodies and most bodies were scattered over many kilometers of deserted land, where access is even a bigger challenge.

Kenya Red Cross Society did a detailed assesement and distributed some Non-food items that included kitchen sets, turplins, mosquito nets, blankets, Jerry cans, soaps, and some food to the affected families. The situation of the displaced people is however patheticand they are in dire need of food. The diplaced people futher need sources of livelihood, medical care and counselling and security. Those who witnessed the masscare also remain traumatised and need psycho-social support.