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Famine in Ethiopia and Kenya

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An estimated 8 million Ethiopians and 3 million Kenyans may starve to death because of a famine resulting from drought that brought crop failures and livestock losses. It is also estimated that 250,000 additional refugees fleeing conflicts in neighboring countries will face starvation unless help comes.
This will be the third crop in a row that people in these regions have lost to either flooding or drought.

Food for the Hungry (FH) is gearing up for famine relief programs. Funds already have been provided to purchase a special porridge supplement for children in Kenya. The children's families also will receive maize, beans and cooking oil.

In Ethiopia, FH has been providing food supplements for several months. The number of people in need of relief assistance is increasing day by day and it is feared that the situation will be similar to the highly-publicized 1984-85 drought famine. Not only government but also bilateral organizations, UN agencies and NGOs agree.

Having heard of the critical problem of hunger in the country, FH's Ethiopia staff of Addis Ababa and Gondar have contributed from their own monthly salaries to assist people affected in the three South Gondor project areas.

FH has worked in Kenya since 1976 and in Ethiopia since 1984, in or near the affected areas, and is therefore prepared to move quickly and effectively to provide the necessary aid.

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