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Ethiopia Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin, 25 February 2013

Situation Report
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WASH Update

As the dry season lingers and the belg (mid-February to May) rains have yet to start, increasing water shortages are reported across the country. In Somali, immediate water trucking needs were identified in Barey, Dolobay, Kersadula, Raso, West Imy, Guradamole and parts of Hargele woredas of Afder zone; Afdem, Adigala, Ayisha, Erer and Shinile woredas of Siti zone; Shekosh woreda of Korahe zone; Dollo Ado and Mubamarak woredas of Liben zone; Danan, Berano and East Imy woredas of Shebelle zone; and all woredas of Nogob zone, with the exception of Garbo and Duhun. Water trucking needs were also identified in Dire Dawa (Hadagala woreda) and Beneshangul Gumuz (Blo Jignafifado woreda of Kemashi zone; Sherkole, Homosha and Kurmuk woredas of Assosa zone; and Guba woreda of Metekel zone), over the past week. Elsewhere, a total of 29 water trucks were requested to address water needs of some 458,068 people across 19 woredas in East and West Hararge and Bale zones (Oromia Region); 24 trucks requested for more than 37,625 people across zones 1, 2 and 4 (Afar Region); 12 trucks requested for some 168,000 people across twelve woredas in Eastern, Central, Western, South-Western and Southern zones (Tigray Region); and four water trucks for some 19,635 people across seven kebeles of Minjar Shenkora woreda in North Shewa zone (Amhara Region).

At present, of the over 69 trucks requested countrywide, 22 are operational in Afar (three in Elidar, two in Kori and one in Dubti woredas of zone 1; one each in Bidu and Erebti woredas of zone 2; and one in Yalo woreda of zone 4); Oromia (one in Dawe Serer woreda of Bale zone; two each in Kumbi and Meyu woredas of East Harerge zone; and one in Burka Dimtu woreda of West Hararge zone); Tigray (one each in Edaga Arbi woreda of Central; Erob woreda of Eastern; Shiraro and Adigebru woredas of North Western; and Raya Azebo woreda of Southern zones); and Somali (2 trucks in Barey woreda of Afder zone) Regions. Meanwhile, the Gambella town is without water since mid-February, due to a mechanical failure in the town’s water supply system. The system had started providing water to the residents on 12 January, following an earlier failure that had left the residents without water since the beginning of December. The majority of the residents are relying on the Baro River for all personal and household water needs, putting them at risk of water-related diseases. For more information, contact

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