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Ethiopia – Tigray Region Humanitarian Update Situation Report #9 - April 28, 2021



• In Ethiopia, International Medical Corps’ clinic in Shire provided 867 outpatient consultations between April 13 and April 19.

• In Sudan, International Medical Corps has expanded its activities into Tunaydbah refugee camp, where we have distributed 100,000 masks to community health facilities.

• International Medical Corps supported training, facilitated by Ministry of Health staff, for 46 community health volunteers in Tunaydbah refugee camp on infection prevention and control.

At the beginning of November 2020, a conflict broke out between the Ethiopian National Defence Force and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. Thousands of people have been displaced internally in the Tigray region in north Ethiopia, with more than 62,000 people fleeing across the border into Sudan. More recently, as a result of continued violence, large numbers of people have been displaced from Humera, Tegede and Wolkayit woredas in Ethiopia to the town of Shire.

Almost six months since the conflict began, the situation for those affected remains difficult, as violence and conflict persist. Though access to the Tigray region and the humanitarian presence there has gradually increased, the region remains highly fragile, and there are still significant gaps in service delivery. There is an urgent need to improve water, sanitation and hygiene services, build the capacity of health facilities and provide food, shelter and protection. As a result, humanitarian agencies are continually looking to expand assistance for internally displaced people and refugees, in both Ethiopia and Sudan, to meet the increasing needs.