Ethiopia on Threshold of Food Self-Sufficiency: PM Hailemariam

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Addis Ababa May 28/2014 Ethiopia is on the threshold of becoming food self-sufficient as it has been bolstering production and productivity during the past two decades, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn disclosed.

Speaking at the concluding ceremony of the 23rd Anniversary of the Victory of May 28 held at the Addis Ababa Stadium, the premier said the success was made possible as the programs designed to ensure food security at household level have been realized during the last two decades.

The premier, who recalled the famine that struck the Horn of Africa three ago, pointed out that Ethiopia was able to pass through that period without any problem.

As the country gradually increased production and productivity during the past 23 years, it was able to now harvest over 250 million quintals annually thus extricating itself from handouts collecting country, he elaborated.

This heralds the good news that the country is on the verge of food self-sufficiency, the premier underscored.

According to Hailemariam, farmers have shifted towards producing high income generating products and effort would next be exerted to boost the manufacturing and industry sector by creating strong local investors.

The stereotypical description of the country as destitute and an example of famine in publications such as the Oxford English Dictionary is now erased through the unstinting efforts over the last two decades, he revealed.

Prime Minister Hailemariam called on all citizens to stand alongside the government in the effort to attain high-level of productivity by successfully passing the challenge of global competition.

In a country where it was not possible to privately have over half-a-million birr capital, millionaires have flourished both in rural and urban parts of the country after the victory of May 28, he noted.

According to the premier, improving gradually the quality of education and creating problem solving, creative and skilled youth are the main areas of focus of the government at present.

Hailemariam finally said the government would do its level best to make the coming 5th National and Regional Election peaceful, democratic, free and fair.