Ethiopia Supply Chain Analysis and Route Mapping - Debark (March 2022)



The overall aim of supply chain analysis (SCA) is to provide a market network baseline by connecting different types of market actors to guide evidence-based response actions by cash actors within Ethiopia.

Since 2020, REACH has been working in close collaboration with the Ethiopia Collaborative Cash Delivery (CCD) Network to launch and coordinate a Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI). However, there is currently no initiative undertaken to map supply chains and assess barriers and market integration throughout Ethiopia. Cash-based interventions require supply chains to function properly and to provide basic commodities continuously as any disruptions may affect the availability of basic goods, as well as commodity prices. To address the outlined information gaps, REACH launched and coordinated an SCA and route mapping in key food-insecure (IPC 3 or above)1 zones in 11 regions of Ethiopia, to better understand whether current local market systems are vulnerable to breakdown when placed under stress.

Information was collected via individual interviews with purposely sampled consumers, retailers, wholesalers, and transporters who acted as individual informants (IIs) for their respective woredas. For commodity stock levels, the median stock levels were calculated for each item within each assessed woreda. National medians were calculated by a second median across all of the woreda-level medians. Data collection took place between 14 and 31 March 2022. Findings are not generalisable and should rather be considered indicative only.