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Ethiopia – South Sudan Refugees (ECHO Daily Flash of 25 April 2014)

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The total number of South Sudanese refugees who have entered Ethiopia since the outbreak of the conflict in mid-December 2013 is reported to be above 97 000 individuals. Around 45 000 refugees are in camps in Leitchuor and around 38 000 in Kule, the remaining people are at the border or in transit facilities.

The asylum seekers continue to arrive in Ethiopia through the Gambella Regional State, mainly through Pagak and Akobo border-entry points. A new transit facility has been opened in Burle in order to prevent people from transiting from Akobo as this entry point presents significant challenges with a location accessible only by air or by the river.

The average arrival rate has decreased from 1000 per day to 550 - 850 per day. It is believed that the air drop of food by WFP inside South Sudan could explain the drop in arrivals. UNHCR has however revised its total planning figures upwards to a total estimated arrival of 200 000 refugees, from a previous estimation of 150 000 people