Ethiopia: Shelter/Non-food items (NFI) Cluster Bulletin Issue 1 – August 2017


Monthly update

  • Release of the Mid-Year Review (MYR) of the Humanitarian Requirements Document – The Shelter/NFI cluster identified the need to assist 1.02 million beneficiaries. -

  • Release of the Second Periodic Monitoring Report - pia/document/periodic-monitoring-report-2017-humanitarian-requirements-document-0

  • Funding update - Out of the 33.4 MUSD required for the shelter/NFI humanitarian response (MYR), 14.7 MUSD have been mobilized to date (44%), additionally to 1.8 MUSD carried-over from 2016.

  • The cluster reactivated its Technical Shelter working group, which aim will be to work on shelter designs (temporary, semi-permanent and, to some extent, permanent shelters in coordination with the Durable solution working group), support house repair & rehabilitation and provide guidance on Disaster Risk Reduction & safe building.

  • Following the creation of a Shelter/NFI cash working group, the cluster is increasing its efforts to further explore and promote cash-based approaches for the shelter/NFI response.

  • Capacity building – IOM with support from the cluster coordination and cluster members hosted and delivered a training on shelter/NFI response for 30 DPFSA early warning & response program experts and humanitarian partners in Gambela, in August 2017.

  • Flood task force – The cluster remains very engaged in the Flood Task Force to monitor the needs induced by the 2017 kiremt season and plan a response accordingly.