Ethiopia Refugee Update - November-December 2012

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Dec 2012 View Original

As of 31 of December 2012, Ethiopia hosted a total of 376,410 refugees: 223,243 (59.31%) Somalis, 86,177 (22.89%) Sudanese, 62,996 (16.74%) Eritreans and 3,994 (1.06%) from other nationalities. The cumulative figure includes an estimated 20,000 unregistered refugees from South Sudan who are staying with the host communities along the border in Wanthawo Woreda in Western Ethiopia. In November 4,580 new refugees were registered in Ethiopia, while in December the number of new arrivals doubled and reached 10,417. During the last two months of 2012, some 9,800 Somalis arrived in Dollo Ado, south-east Ethiopia.