Ethiopia Price Bulletin, November 2021

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Maize is the least preferred cereal in urban areas, but it is the most widely consumed by the rural poor households.
Sorghum is generally one of the cheapest cereals. Teff is central to Ethiopian culture as the most preferred cereal that most Ethiopian households particularly in urban and some better off families in rural areas consume. Teff is sourced predominantly from domestic production. The most important markets for teff are the large cities including Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Mekele, and Dire Dawa. Addis Abada is the capital city, and Chereti, Gode, Abala, Asayta, Awash, Dessie,
Mekele and Debere Berehan are major towns in the eastern, mainly food insecure, parts of the country. Bahir Dar is a major town in a surplus producing area. Gondar is a major town in North Western Ethiopia and Metema is a border town between Sudan and Ethiopia in northwestern Ethiopia. Hossana is in south central part of SNNPR and Jimma is in the surplus producing parts of Southwestern Oromia.