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Ethiopia: Population Movement - EPoA update n° 1 (MDRET020)

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Due to the evolving situation the operation recommends extension of time from 31th December 2019 to 31st of March 2020 in order to ensure the ongoing activities are completed effectively. The following reasons are cited as reasons for the extension of time.

The operation initially planned to carry out general food (maize flour, lentil and oil) in Gedeo zone of SNNPR region for basic needs support for populations in IDPs. The procurement process of the food to reach 12,330 population was administered but a due diligence process to test the samples of food before a tender purchase order is issued, invalidated the samples for delivery as unfit for human consumption and or below the recommended threshold standard. After this challenge there was need for alternative delivery approach and after extensive consultation a recommendation for Cash based intervention for basic needs support was adopted. This re planning process requires an extra time since the remaining time will not allow effective and efficient delivery of the recommended Cash based intervention process.

The Appeal is carrying out cash for shelter in Amhara Region Gonder zone and there is need for increase of time to ensure the continuing constructions of houses are completed. The process requires two tranche of Cash disbursement, in-kind distribution of some of the building materials as well as stages of monitoring in the progression of the construction works. The shelter constructed are permanent shelter and the time extension will allow adequate construction monitoring in the field as well as support to families with the cash disbursement to ensure materials of good quality are used in the project There has been spontaneous recursion of the conflict in the project areas causing disruption, in access and suspension of monitoring activities resulting into delay of time both in Gedeo zone of SNNPR and Gonder of Amhara regions.

Currently the access is limited in Amhara due to new escalation of conflict though the government is heavily engaged to restore situation.

The appeal currently is 16% funded hence some activities have stalled due to lack of funds, IFRC appeals to donors, on behalf of KRCS, to come on board to enable KRCS respond to the dire needs of the affected communities. Click here for detailed operations plan.