Ethiopia: Over birr 2.6 million assistance obtained for flood victims

News and Press Release
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In support of flood victims Birr 2,675,146 was obtained from different religious institutions and two private companies.

The donations were handed over to the DPPA through the representatives of the respective donor institutions and companies in ceremonies held at the Agency's Hall.

Accordingly , Midroc Gold Mining Private Limited Company, one of the Midroc Ethiopia's Technology Group Companies, handed over two million birr to DPPA through Midroc Ethiopia Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Arega Yirdaw, on March 15, 2007. The donation was handed over as per the pledge previously made on December 3, 2006 during the Telethon program held at the Sharaton Addis.

Dr. Arega Yirdaw, after handing over the donation, mentioned that Midroc Ethiopia Technology Group Companies had always been feeling that they were a part of the needy compatriots. Wherever the companies existed they reached out to them helping hands. Therefore, Shiek Mohammed Alamudin donated the money out of the keen concern that he had for his fellow compatriots, Dr. Arega explained. In this connection he also said that in the effort to discharge one's responsibility as a citizen, the response made by the company and the stakeholders was crucial, and this, he said made him feel proud as an Ethiopian.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the National Fund Raising Committee and the flood victims, DPPA Director General and Chairman of the NFRC, Simon Mechale, lauded Midroc Ethiopia as a company which had affirmed its belongingness to the citizens by responding promptly to the flash flood appeal made by the Government of Ethiopia and Humanitarian Partners . The Director General further elaborated that as the task was entrusted to the DPPA, the Agency would allocate to the regions all the assistance obtained from within and from outside as properly as the ethics demanded. The Director General also disclosed that even though the assistance secured so far was not as much as it had been pledged during both the Telethon and other occasions, the relief and rehabilitation assistance so far carried out had shown encouraging results.

Finally, the Director General expressed his heart felt thanks on behalf of the needy and the NFRC to Sheik Mohammed Alamudin, owner and chairman of the Midroc Ethiopia for the generous support he had made.

Out of the 2,675,146 birr handed over, it was known that birr 675,146 was donated by different religious institutions and a private company in another ceremony held earlier at the Agency's Hall on March 6, 2007.

Accordingly, the Ethiopian Catholic Church, in addition to the 14 million estimated amount of assistance it had already provided directly to the needy, donated birr 196,500.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, also donated birr 61,906 in addition to the aid it had given before, and this raises the amount donated through the Church so far to over birr one million. The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekaneyesus on its part also donated birr 104,520. Similarly, K.K private Limited company and K.K.Textile Industry together donated 10 thousand blankets worth birr 800,000, and birr 300,000 in cash. Bisirate Gabriel "sanbatie" and Frehiwot "Idir" (local self help community associations) were also the others who donated birr 10,000 and birr 2,220 respectively. In a brief statement the representatives of the churches made after handing over of the assistance, they all mentioned that such donations would not be the last and that the churches would continue discharging their religious obligations and humanitarian responsibility until the lives and livelihoods of those affected by the calamity were restored.

Briefing on the status of the relief and rehabilitation assistance provision so far carried out to mitigate the disaster, public Relations Team Leader of DPPA, Sisay Tadesse disclosed that though it had been possible to save the lives of many people with the intervention of the Government and humanitarian partners, a big challenge was still remaining because, he said, the displaced were still living with adverse effects of the flood. According to Sisay, the amount of pledges so far secured was 43% out of the required amount to rehabilitate the flood victims.

Therefore, Sisay stressed that in order to make a difference in the lives of people affected by the disaster, additional support and timely delivery of pledges were crucial.

Finally, Ato Kasahun Folo, President of the Ethiopian Workers Associations Confederation and member of the National Fund Raising Committee, receiving the donation on behalf of the flood victims and the National Committee thanked the donors for their humanitarian concern and cooperation in their commitment to fully rehabilitate the compatriots. Kasahun, further noted that though appreciable response had been made in the effort to meet the needs of the victims, since the effects of the flood were so catastrophic, it was really imperative that additional donations should be made. To this end, thus, he urged, all concerned agencies and the public at large to join hands in the effort to extricate the victims from the firm-grip of the adverse effects of the disaster.