Ethiopia - Northern Ethiopia Response, Operation Overview, August 2022


Operational Highlights

  • In August 2022, convoy movements continued in Amhara region to Nurque, Abergele and in the month, the third andfourth convoys arrived between 7 and 11 August. The two convoys representing 25 trucks carrying food and nutrition cargo on behalf WFP and CRS/JEOP.

  • The Logistics Cluster facilitated access to transportation for two partners to Abergele, Waghmera zone during the month.

  • In August, convoy movements also continued to Mekelle via the only corridor in Afar, however these were halted at the end of August due to the volatile situation in Tigray which impacted accessibility. A total of five convoys confirmed arrival in Mekele, with 543 trucks including 29 fuel tankers. This represents approximately 21,176 mt of Humanitarian cargo on behalf of 23 partners and 1,364,649 litres of fuel.

  • In August 2022, the Logistics Cluster airlifted 46.6 mt of Health and Agriculture items on behalf of six partners. •A total of 14 coordination meetingswere organized by the Logistics Cluster in Addis Ababa, Mekelle, Shire, and Bahir Dar, to which 52 different partners participated.

  • The Logistics C luster published 18 information management products during August 2022.