Ethiopia monthly market watch June 2013

from World Food Programme
Published on 30 Jun 2013

Highlights - In June 2013, year-on-year inflation increased by 7.4% for general, 3.7% for food and 11.9% for non-food inflation. The month-to-month inflation has shown increment; 0.76% for general, 0.33% for food and 2.82% for bread and cereals.

  • Compared to May 2013, import parity price of maize (Black Sea) and wheat (US Gulf) at Addis Ababa remained stable with increases of 2%.

  • The nominal wholesale price of staple cereals increased in all monitored markets at higher rate as compared to previous month. The month-to-month increased rate is relatively higher for maize as compared wheat and sorghum including in major supply markets of the country.

  • Nominal retail price of maize, wheat and sorghum showed month-to-month increase in most markets; however, the rate of increase is higher in most of East and West Hararghe woreda markets and also in few markets of SNNP and Tigray region.