Ethiopia: Humanitarian Overview 2016: Synopsis

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This document is presented jointly by the Government of Ethiopia and the Ethiopia Humanitarian Country Team. It presents the key findings of the Governmentled post-harvest assessment of autumn 2015. It includes the outline of the Government and UN Humanitarian Country Team response plan to address assessed and projected humanitarian needs in 2016.

The full Ethiopia Humanitarian Requirements Document will be launched in Addis Ababa on Wednesday 9 December 2015.

10.1 million Ethiopians will be assisted through this plan. The overall requirements come to US$1.409 billion of which US$1.1 billion is food assistance. The HRD will also support emergency nutrition, water, sanitation, health, education and agricultural needs. Already in 2015, the Government had allocated over US$200 million of its own resources. For 2016, a further US$97 million have been committed. Using these funds, the Government will ensure the provision of 516,000 Metric Tons of food for the first rounds of humanitarian assistance next year.

Government and donor pipeline pledges and carry-over as of 7 December mean that net food requirements are US$945,141 million. This brings HRD net overall requirements to US$1.250 billion.
The international community is called upon to stand with the people of Ethiopia at their time of need and help fund the HRD.

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