Ethiopia: Humanitarian Cargo Notification Guidelines, April 2021

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Guidelines for notifying NDRMC on the Movement of Humanitarian Cargo into Tigray

  1. As of 9th of March 2021, there is no longer a need to submit cargo for clearance by the Ethiopian government. This will accelerate the provision of humanitarian commodities to populations in need.

  2. However, all agencies must inform the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) 48 hours before any cargo is transported into the Tigray region. This is only if the cargo is going into locations inside Tigray and not to one of the Logistics Cluster hubs (Gonder, Kombolcha, Semera).

  3. If you are not using Logistics Cluster facilitated-transportation services, then please email Ato Dawit Abraham,, with the details of your planned transport action into Tigray.

a. The details that must be provided to NDRMC are detailed below under “Required Information”.

b. There is no need to inform the Logistics Cluster if you are transporting relief commodities individually.

  1. If you are submitting an SRF for the Logs Cluster to transport your goods into Tigray, the Logistics Cluster will submit the notification to NDRMC on your behalf.

a. The details that must be provided to NDRMC are detailed below under “Required Information”.

  1. For transportation facilitated by the Logistics Cluster, the team will share a weekly update of the final cargo movements to OCHA and other cluster heads.

a. The final location is determined by the final delivery point where the Logistics Cluster released the cargo to the requesting organisation – not the actual distribution location for beneficiaries.