Ethiopia Humanitarian Bulletin Issue Issue #1 | 06 – 19 Jan. 2020

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8.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia

The 2020 Ethiopia Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) outlined that some 8.4 million Ethiopians are projected to have humanitarian needs in the year. Out of the 8.4 million, 74 per cent have acute needs that need to be addressed immediately. The majority of the people in need are in Oromia region (3.3 million), followed by Somali region (2.4 million) and Amhara region (1.0 million). In the Somali region alone 39 per cent of the population are in need of humanitarian aid in 2020. The needs identified in the HNO do not include clients from the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) and the refugees hosted in Ethiopia. Climatic shocks, internal displacement due to inter-communal violence, disease outbreaks and flooding are among the primary drivers for the current need. Crop and pasture loss due to desert locust infestations in parts of Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions was considered when calculating the people in need of food assistance in these regions although the likelihood the situation currently be deteriorating is high.

Over one third of the people in need face several types of challenges and have multiple needs. Some 33 per cent of the people in need live in woredas classified with high severity of need, while 4 per cent live in woredas classified with very high severity of need. There are some areas hosting IDPs or returnees, but of which there is limited data on the severity of their needs.
At the time of publication of this document, available data indicated that persons with the most severe and compounded needs are found in Hudet, Moyale and Qada Duma woredas in Daawa zone (Somali region) and in Meda Welabu woreda in Bale zone (Oromia region).

The HNO has been consolidated by OCHA on behalf of humanitarian partners and in consultation with the Government of Ethiopia. Government and humanitarian partners are finalizing the 2020 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) which will determine the actual number of people who will be assisted in 2020 and requirement associated to it. The 2020 Humanitarian Needs Overview document is available at:

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