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Ethiopia Humanitarian Bulletin Issue #6 | 18 - 31 March 2019

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• The Government and humanitarian partners revitalize Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Dilla Town to coordinate IDP response in Gedeo zone

• US$332.9 million required to address critical, prioritized gaps for the coming three months.

• With a 120-day procurement and transportation lead time, the Food, Health and Nutrition clusters are calling for an additional $278.3 million to be made available before end April to avoid anticipated pipeline breaks in June.

• East Hararge zone plans to return more than 62,000 IDPs from Babile Town to their areas of previous residence. The majority of the IDPs were displaced during the 4-5 August 2018 skirmishes in Jijiga and the subsequent unrest in other Somali towns.

• Some 37,000 IDPs in Basketo Special woreda, SNNP region, seek immediate assistance.
Shelter/NFI materials are priority needs for the displaced people given the impending rainy season.

• A multi-agency assessment in West Gonder zone identified major response gaps in visited Metema Yohanis and Genda Wuha IDP camps.

• WFP organizes an emergency preparedness and response simulation exercise to partners

The Government and humanitarian partners revitalize the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Dilla Town

On 26 March 2019, the Government and humanitarian partners revitalized the Dilla Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to better coordinate the IDP response efforts in the area. The EOC will hold regular meetings twice a week, in which clusters/sectors will actively participate. The EOC was established for the first time in Gedeo zone in May 2018 when nearly a million persons were displaced due to inter-communal clashes between the Gedeos and Gujis. The coordination structure follows a cluster approach in which response is driven by joint planning and based on prioritized needs agreed by clusters. The re-launch of the EOC was attended by Ato Damene Darota, Deputy Commissioner of NDRMC, Ato Ganta Gena, Commissioner of SNNPR, some 17 humanitarian partners who have a footprint in Gedeo and West Guji zones, and relevant sector ministries at federal, regional and zonal levels.

The EOC, chaired by the federal NDRMC and co-chaired by UNOCHA, disused issues related to security, response capacity and targeting during the revitalization meeting. Partners/clusters also gave a situational update on the ongoing needs, response and gaps in food and non-food items in Gedeo zone.

Meanwhile, an Incident Command Post (ICP) was set up in Gedeb Town - the epicenter of IDP crisis in Gedeo zone - and will work closely with the EOC in Dilla Town.

According to zonal reports, the number of IDPs in Gedeo may exceed 300,000, leading to a need to establish a number of new sites in Gedeb and Yirgachefe woredas. In Gedeb, 5 places, namely Chelbesa, Cherchele, Spring, and Mekonissa and Worka, are identified by the zone in collaboration with IOM for site extension.

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