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Ethiopia Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 53 | 7 - 20 May 2018

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Damage and loss assessment P.1
Gov’t to resettle Qoloji IDPs P.1
Tropical Storm SAGAR makes landfall P. 2
Rising humanitarian needs for Ethiopian returnees from KSA P. 3


  • Government is consolidating assessment of the damage and loss incurred due to the violence along the Oromia and Somali regional boundaries since September 2017.

  • The Somali Regional Government is constructing a new resettlement site at Karinka, near Shebelle River in Gode zone. More than 3,200 IDPs will be relocated from Ooloji sites and provided with alternative livelihood

  • Tropical Storm SAGAR made landfall in Ethiopia on Sunday, 20 May 2018. Heavy rains caused flooding in Somali region.

  • The 10th round of the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) identified a total of 1,613,436 persons displaced by climatic, conflict and other factors in 950 sites across the country. 66 per cent of these IDPs have been displaced by conflict. Please see the monthly Humanitarian Dashboard for more on this and other issues, at:

Government finalizing damage and loss assessment due to Oromia-Somali clashes

Between 15 March and 08 April 2018, the Government of Ethiopia deployed a team composed of representatives from the National Disaster Risk Management Commission, Ministry of Federal and Pastoralist Affairs and relevant line ministries to assess the type and scope of damage and loss incurred due to the violence along the Oromia and Somali regional boundaries since September 2017.
The assessment identified damages and losses in public infrastructure, including water supply schemes, health facilities, schools, and agricultural institutions/production. The assessment also mapped-out damages and losses on private property/holdings, including harvest, houses, assets, livestock and the overall impact on livelihood. The assessed damages and losses were also monetized.
Once finalized, the assessment result will inform Government and partners’ resource mobilization efforts to respond to the emmergency needs of the affected population, as well as to support medium and long term plans. This will complement the National IDP Rehabilitation Plan that aims to provide immediate support and durable solution to nearly 900,000 internally displaced people from Oromia and Somali regions.

Somali Regional Government to resettle Qoloji IDPs in Karinka village

The Somali Regional Government is constructing some 850 houses under the first phase of the construction of Karinka resettlement village, in Shabelle zone. The village is located at 45 killometres south of Gode Town, around irrigable agricultural land, near the Shabelle River. The construction includes public facilities including schools, health center and animal veterinary clinic.
The construction of the new resettlement site is part of the plan to move at least 3,200 displaced households in Qoloji sites.
The Government is concerned that the lack of livelihood opportunities in these locations is creating a protracted IDP situation without possibilities or prospects of durable solutions.
Partners will continue to work closely with Government on further technical planning required for durable solution for IDPs that addresses issues of land tenure, availability of water systems, provision of basic services, support for pasture production and access to market.
Additionally, Government and partners will deliberate on next steps following the completion of ongoing IDP validation/intention exercise in the region.

Tropical Storm SAGAR makes landfall and causes heavy rain in Somali region

The Tropical Storm SAGAR had made landfall in Ethiopia on Sunday, 20 May 2018, causing heavy rainfall and strong wind in Somali region. The ensuing flooding affected five woredas of Siti zone (Ayshica, Dambal, Hadhagala, Gablalu and Shinile). The worst affected is Dambal woreda, where Dhuure kebele is almost fully washed-away by floods, displacing an estimated 150 households.
Ahead of the lanfall, NDRMC had circulated a letter to all relevant Government bureaus at federal and regional level to initiate preparedness action. The Somali regional authorities had disseminated an alert to the community using local media, and positioned ambulances and the police force on standby.
Meanwhile, flood incidences continue to be reported in Somali region affecting more than 52,170 households (324,740 people), of whom 31,319 households are displaced according to the regional Disaster Prrevention and Preparedness Bureau (DPPB).
Houses, latrines, schools, health posts, water points, farmland, livestock as well as roads and other infrastructure have been damaged as a result of flooding.
Urgent repair of road and bridge are required to facilitate humanitarian assistance to IDPs and flood-affected communities.

Some 160, 000 Ethiopian migrants returned, nearly 400,000 at risk of deportation from KSA

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as at 15 May 2018, an estimated 160,000 irregular Ethiopian migrants returned from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) between April 2017 and 15 May 2018. IOM and partners have provided post-arrival assistance to 5,108 highly vulnerable returnee including, temporary shelter at the transit center, food and NFI support, family tracing and reunification for unaccompanied minors and onward transportation assistance.
Meanwhile Saudi Arabia released at least 1,400 Ethiopians from detention centres across the country following a request by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during his official visit to Riyadh on 18 May 2018. Saudi authorities said they had arrested nearly one million people between 18-22 April 2018 of which 39 per cent (nearly 400,000) were Ethiopians.

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