Ethiopia Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 50 | 26 March - 08 April 2018

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Food-cash response plan for 2018 P.1

Inter-agency mission to Moyale P.2

March to May Meteorological outlook P. 3

FAO to support Gov’t on IPC classification P. 4


  • Government and partners outline a plan that integrates cash and food response to reach some 7.88 million relief beneficiaries and 7.97 PSNP clients in 2018.

  • An inter-agency team who visited Moyale from 23-26 march 2018 to assess the humanitarian situation suggested preposition humanitarian supplies.

  • Predicted underperformance of the gu rains in the Somali region will negatively affect the recovery of pastures and improvement of livestock body conditions.

  • FAO and NDRMC have signed an agreement to strengthen Government’s capacity with Integrated Food Security Phase Classification.

Government and partners outline 2018 national integrated cash-food response plan

Government and partners outlined a plan that integrates cash and food response by all operators for 7.88 million relief beneficiaries and 7.97 Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) clients across the country. The integration enables humanitarian actors to flexibly allocate food and cash in receiving areas. Endorsed on 02 April 2018, the plan can also be used as an appeal document for donors as it clearly outlines funding requirements, available resources and shortfalls across all the 7 rounds in 2018.

The National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC), World Food Program (WFP) and Joint Emergency Operation Program (JEOP) will continue to support 7.88 million people identified in the 2018 Humanitarian Disaster Resilience Plan (HDRP) with relief food and cash in their respective woredas.

However, the national integrated cash-food plan has already identified critical shortfalls of relief food, cash or both. Government’s initial allocation of US$182 million enables NDRMC to provive food upto round 4 but faces food shortfalls from round 5. The commission faces cash shortfall from round 2. WFP faces cash and relief food shortfalls from round 2 and. JEOP has full stock of relief food for all rounds but faces a 100 per cent cash shortfall. Partners are encouraged to use the national integrated cash-food response plan to efficiently use use resources avialable.

While PSNP Core (Jan-June) has no shortfall for the transfer period, the PSNP public works clients will receive transitory support for three rounds with HDRP beneficiaries. Some U$190.4 is urgently required to fill the cash gap in recipient woredas for 7 rounds while WFP and NDRMC need $178 million to fill relief food shortfalls. JEOP will allocate and transfer food to cash woredas instead of cash since they have enough food in their pipeline.

Inter-Agency Mission assess humanitarian situation in Moyale

A multi-agency mission comprised of OCHA, UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP and UNDSS visited Moyale town between 23-26 March 2018 to assess the humanitarian situation including recent displacementfrom Moyale town. According to local authorities, the Moyale incident that happened on 10 March 2018 caused displacement of some 48,000 people from ten kebeles including Moyale town to other areas within Borena zone and others across the border to Kenya. However, at the time of the mission, authorities estimated that over half of the displaced people had already returned. Some estimated 9,000 people still remained displaced to Kenya at the time of the mission according to reports from partners in Kenya.

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